Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home Renovations 101 and Pantry Moths

 I have not blogged for a while. I have had a lot of things happen over the last 10 weeks or so and I needed a break! I even stopped working for a while because I really just wanted to sit back, chill and regroup my thoughts and goals. What I got most out of it, was that I really wanted to be more available to my kids. For the last 3.5 years I have been working part time 3 days a week teaching. I really love teaching, but I was finding I was becoming overwhelmed with a lot of things that were happening at school and then coming home to family life and not being able to balance it out. So an opportunity came up for my husband, he took it, and it allowed me to stop working. Well, I kind didn't stop working altogether. I worked on and off one day a week when I was needed, but that was a major change going from a committed 3 days a week. It did allow me to spend a lot more time with the kids and be available for helping and school and being involved in that part of their life and I have really enjoyed it. I also took my youngest out of day care completely and we spend everyday together, which was great at first, but after a while, I was thinking I got ahead of myself and really should have left in day care at least 1 day a week. But I have held off and I will most likely get him in preschool next year as he will start school the following year.

So how does all this relate to home renovations? Well, during all of this, we have decided to do some renovations and get our house on the market. Yeah, a bit crazy in some ways, but because I had some time on my side, this is where it took me! We live in a fairly small home for our family. I really love our house, but for 4 growing kids, 3 small bedrooms is not enough. We currently have 3 boys sharing one room! So we would like to be able to have at least one more bedroom to break that up a bit.  So far, we have spent a lot of time cleaning up our front yard and I really wish I took before and after photos because it would show how much work has been done, and how much gorgeous sunshine we now get into our house. I tend to think of photos after I have done things, which I really shouldn't since I am a blogger!! Bloggers are always thinking of taking photos aren't they??!! Anyway, I have a picture of the beginnings of our painting of the entrance of our house. We are using double concrete by Resene paints (just FYI, I don't get anything to say this!) and we will use this for the whole house. Its a soft grey with purple/blue undertones. This is the entrance and I will add photos along the way of the other rooms.

Sorry, I know this needs be rotated. I did, but it didn't work? I will get it sorted out! Anyway, the wall to the left has the new paint, and the other walls have the original colour which is a nice light caramel/oatmeal brown - I can't remember the name of it!

I also wanted to share with you some advice I got from my dad when I was explaining our renovation ideas with him. He looked at the cornices of our kitchen and pointed these out,

I had these scattered mainly around the kitchen ceiling cornices but discovered some in the hallway cornices too. They are moth eggs. If you have ever wondered where your pantry moths keep coming from, its here! I never really noticed them before. So I got them down and put them in boiling water and disposed of them. Now I hope that my pantry won't be affected anymore, I have thrown away much to much food that has been affected by these insects, and its been frustrating. I will still use my pantry moth traps as well.

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