Monday, October 8, 2012

Benji Says - Link Up your Story

Benji is my youngest child. He is 3 turning 4 in December, and he is absorbing everything and anything that goes on around him. Most times its funny what he says to me and other family members and friends, but occasionally we are shocked that he 'knows' so much!!  I wrote something he said a couple of weeks ago on Facebook, and I got an overwhelming response from family and friends as to how funny it was. It made me think that I should note these little precious moments and sayings so I don't forget them. Years ago, I would write them down, but now, I figure I should add them here, since most of my thoughts get noted here at some stage!

The comment he made a couple of weeks ago came about at family prayer time. He begged to say the prayer so we let him. Amongst many things he prayed that " we won't ruin each other's life"! It was priceless and took all my might to hold in the laughter. He obviously felt the need for this to be asked for that day!

He loves to say his prayers and he asks for not the kind of things that a kid of his age would ask. He doesn't as for toys or anything like that. He asks and often tells Heavenly Father what he thinks about events that have taken place or will take place.

Today, he made another interesting observation. We were walking around Target filling in time. We walked past a rack of brightly coloured and patterned bikini's on clearance and this is how our conversation went.

Benji: Mum do you want some of them?

Me: Some of what?

Benji: Some of the crazy underpants?

Me: Um, no I don't want those, but thanks for asking.

Benji: Are you sure mum?

Me: Yes Ben.

Benji: How about some of those things that cover your boobs?

Me: Um, what did you just say? ( Not really expecting him to reply)

Benji: Some of those crazy things that cover your boobs mum, do you want some of those?

Me: No thanks mate, but thanks for asking!!

I did giggle a little to myself. I have to be a little careful, as he doesn't like me laughing, even though its not really at him, but he is being serious and I have to respect that!

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Danya Banya said...

What a funny little guy!

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