Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween is coming!!!

I absolutely love Halloween! It could be partly due to the fact that I have North American blood in me, Canadian to be precise, or the fact that I love parties and giving out lollies. Either way, I love it and for the past 5 years I put on a Halloween Extravaganza for family and friends. The only thing I don't like, is that we don't have a big enough house to invite more day!!

So where do I get my inspiration from? Over the years, I have used Google and Youtube to seek Halloween scary goodness, but since Pinterest has entered my life, I feel as though my web resources are now complete!! There is so much inspiration to be found on this site. I like mostly how ordinary people now have a platform to share their creativeness to others.

Anyway, what I thought I would do, is share some Halloween inspirations that I have come across so it could in turn inspire you. Especially if you don't think Halloween is something to get excited about. Australia needs one more holiday to add to the holiday calendar, to get creative, and have fun!!

Here is a cool YouTube video my husband just sent to me. I think this is a true winner, and if you are experiencing any dilemmas with the choice of your costume, this is could be the answer.

Keeping in the costume theme, here are some other costume ideas I have on my Pinterest Halloween board.





Hope you find these useful. I will post again with some decoration ideas. 

1 comment:

Sophie Allen said...

Those are some pretty awesome costumes!

We don't participate in Halloween, even though my husband is American. Figured it's an American tradition, and a creepy one (to us), being in Australia we just don't see it as being relevant.

Luckily we live on 23 acres and no one ever comes trick or treating here.

I have 4 sons, and some of them would prob like dressing up like some of those pics though!

They are sooks, and would then prob have nightmares! heheh.

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