Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Colourful Adventures of Cranky Mummy

Dear Cranky mummies I know there are a lot of us out there! How do we get so cranky? Well my crankiness began this week when I had an argument with my daughter (eldest child) and its seems the crankiness has not escaped me. Hubby called me cranky and my kids call me cranky, so therefore I must be cranky, right? I know I am not myself this week, a little more edgier than normal. How do I know? Well, I was sick this week and out of action for a full day. I had the gastro/tummy bug and hardly slept a wink as the tummy cramps were so bad. If I did close my eyes it was for but a couple of minutes and then my body took over and off I shot to the toilet to squirt out every ounce of fluid in my body! Sorry for the details.  So that was my day from around 3:30am until 6pm that night. I didn't take the kids to school that day because I couldn't sit still for longer than 20 minutes before I had to dash to the toilet. Part of me though, wanted to get them off to school so I didn't have them hanging around the house, but I just couldn't do it. So I was in bed most of the day, feeling sick and having kids bug me all day asking what we were going to do. So it made me cranky!

I also know I am not myself because this morning at kiss and drop, my son took a little longer than normal to get of the car and someone beeped me! Can you believe it? I shot a seriously cranky mummy look at the dude behind me and it was then I knew he didn't beep because he looked so scared and it was like " I swear it wasn't me, please don't kill me"! I am sure it was the chick in the Kia van, so further up near the lights she was behind me and I shot her the cranky mummy look, and unfortunately due to the reflection of the sun coming through the clouds, I couldn't see her reaction, but I so know it was her, I swear it!!  It made me so mad, I shocked myself at all the thoughts I had about getting out of the car and telling her off, slashing tyres etc, you know the things you wish you would do, but there is no way you would ever do it! This is a little out of character for me, so I know cranky mummy had taken hold of me by then!

But seriously, why should I care? Why should I care who actually beeped me? I am still annoyed by the beep itself, but it wasn't like my son was taking minutes to get out of the car, it was like 30 secs or so. Who can be in that much of a rush? 

I was in Target today at the price scanner and as I approached the scanner a lady almost knocked me over to get to it before me. This was not a day to mess with cranky mummy! I stood my ground and scanned my first item and as I did it she stood millimetres off me and peered over my should and huffed and puffed as I waited for my price to come up. I leaned over to get another item and she leaned over me and scanned her item!! She touched me when she leaned in, how rude and a personal space invader. That was not a good combination for cranky mummy! Watch out sister I thought, but then I actually said, " I can't believe people can be so rude over a scanner!" No response from crazy lady but to my surprise we met up again back at boys wear and she gave me a smile, to which I gave a cranky mummy smile....I'll leave it to you to interpret that!

I really don't like being cranky, but mummy life can be so challenging sometimes and I really just don't need annoying people to add to it!! I am so glad the sun is shining today, its hard to stay cranky when the sun is shining and its not bitterly cold.

Wow, I am actually starting to feel a little better. Getting this off my chest is what I needed. There are other things that have annoyed me this week that I am more than sure have added to my crankiness. I could list them down, but I don't think that would be helpful . I have listed the ones that have crankified me the most and I think I should leave it at that.  I need to now concentrate on uncrankifying my day so that I can enjoy it.

Its not easy to be happy mummy all day everyday. I wish it was in some ways, but then cranky mummy teaches me some lessons I need to learn now and then. You take the good with the bad, and it also teaches my kids what to do to keep cranky mummy at bay;o).

Thanks for reading the Colourful Adventures of Cranky Mummy, I am sure I will be back sharing more colourful adventures! I will do my best to make sure the adventures are few and far between, but I'm a mum to 4 kids one of which acts like a teenager, but is still a couple years off, but I am trying hard to distance myself from cranky mummy, truly I am. Motherhood should be laughs and love right?  Til then, sunshine and  rainbows make me happy, so I'll share my rainbow picture and don't forget to flog yo blog as its Friday, of course!


Grace said...

Yup. Being a mum can get that cranky mood going. But that lady at the scanner sounded particularly rude.
Thanks for linking up with FYBF. Please don't forget to include the FYBF button on your post. Thanks!

Sophie Allen said...

I am suspicious of mummy that are happy all of the time.. I mean, really?

It's just not easy. Kids make you cranky sometimes. End of story!

Francesca @ Francesca Writes Here said...

I was cranky this week too - there must be something in the air!

FoodMuster said...

Grace Im having trouble with the FYBF button, hopefully it will come up soon:)

Cindy Kilpatrick said...

I'm sure I shouldn't have been laughing, but I couldn't help myself. Thank goodness those days have passed - if they ever happened at all. When I look back, it was all sunshine and rainbows. ;) Have a wonderful weekend now, won't you?

Beth said...

hehe! totally relate to this post! hope next week is better for you :)

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