Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mamma's Nachos in the HotMix Pro

If there is something I could say that I love about my HotMix Pro, that would be that I can add vegetables to a dish and my kids are none the wiser!! I have already posted about adding veges to my bolognese, but I felt I didn't have to limit myself to one dish of disguise. My kids love nachos and generally when we have them, its just a quick 'back-up' meal and I just melt cheese on corn chips and add salsa. Now and then I do the real deal with mince with lettuce and fresh tomato. I have before added a taco seasoning mix, but I haven't done this for ages because it usually leaves me with a stomach ache, flavour enhancer 621 is not a friend of mine! I moved onto to adding cumin, paprika, and a dash of chilli, which the kids would um and ah over. Sometimes I just added salsa from the jar to the mince, and this was acceptable to them. So with this last success in mind, I went about recreating the same thing with fresher ingredients, well up until the tomato puree, but mainly fresh ingredients and I came up with Mamma's nachos! So this is what I did.


 1 large carrot cut into 2-3 three pieces

One whole capsicum, I used red as that is what I had. Cut into a couple of pieces.

Half a medium sized onion chopped into 2-3 pieces

2 roma tomatoes cut in half.

450g lean beef mince

1 tin tomato puree

2 tablespoons tomato paste

Salt and pepper to taste


You can adapt this to cooking in your own frying pan, but I made this in my HMP.

1. Chop onion on speed 4, for about 15 secs.
2. Cook on 51C, on speed 1 for about two minutes in a drizzle of oil, or I used a teaspoon of coconut oil.
3. Add other vegetables and chop on speed 4 for 20secs, press stop and scrape down sides.  Then cook together at 51C for about 3 mins on speed 1.

4. Add mince and cook on speed 1, at temp 90C for 20 mins.

5. Drain some of the juices out with a spoon, then add can of tomato puree, tomato paste and season with salt and pepper and mix on speed 2, for 1 minute.

Enjoy with corn chips, sour cream, lettuce, salsa or however you want to enjoy it!! Personally, I love spice and I add jalapenos or a few splashes of green Tabasco sauce. Mamma knows that spices, herbs, and flavour enhancer is not good, so this is a great alternative, if I do say so my self, and well I'm mamma so I can!!   Its also got the veges and most importantly, you don't have to stand over the frying pan cooking it!!

You can add all sorts of veges to this recipe, but I would not go too over board with how many you add, or your cover will be blown!!

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