Sunday, July 28, 2013

HotMix Pro: Orange Blueberry Juicy

I read a quote on a Pinterest pin that America's Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, says that we should be eating an apple and some blueberries/berries every single day! When blueberries are in season here, I do buy up big and my kids thankfully like to eat them from the punnet. When they aren't in season, I do make good use of my frozen stock. Inspired by Bob's advice, I came up with a good way to keep blueberries in the diet. 

Orange Blueberry Juicy

Handful of frozen blueberries*
2 oranges skin removed and cut in half
2 lemonades* skin removed and cut in half
1 pear cut into wedges
teaspoon of sugar - or sweetner of choice (pear provides a decent amount of sweetness)
3 cups of ice
1 cup of water

Place all ingredients in HotMix Pro and blend on speed 10 for about 20 secs.

* Add exrta ice if using fresh blueberries.
* Lemonades are a citrus fruit which are cross between lemons and oranges. They come into season at winter time and are super delicious to eat on their own like an orange.

If you don't drink this amount in one go, freeze left overs in ice cube trays and this can be enjoyed as a delicious sorbet. Just blend the cubes in your thermal mixer with some water on speed 8. Use your spatula to make sure you get a good consistency.  

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