Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HotMix Pro recipe: Graham Cracker Custard Cream Dessert Slice

I had a hard time trying to work out what to call this dessert. I made it up this morning as I had to bring a dessert/slice to a family gathering. I had planned to make a caramel slice but didn't have a can of condensed milk and couldn't get to the shops last night. So I had to come up with something. Logic told me to use my Otis Sputmeyer cookies and make it simple for myself. But my heart was telling me no, don't take the easy road, do something different. So my heart won, although I am not sure if it was my heart telling me that?
Anyway, I found some look-a-like Graham Crackers at my favourite Asian supermarket, Madam Hoo (Castle Towers, Castle Hill). They are not from America but they taste and look pretty much they same.
They come in a brown plastic box, which is really good for re-use. I knew I wanted to use the Grahams. If you can't find Grahams, then savoiardi sponge fingers are good sub, or milk and coffee biscuits could work well too.   Usually when you think of a slice, lots of butter is involved. I wanted to steer away from butter as best I could. So I decided that the layers of my slice would be the Grahams themselves. I also felt like custard, so the filling had to have this. Naturally chocolate had to be incorporated somewhere. So this is what I came up with.

1/2 tub Pauls thick vanilla custard
1 block cream cheese softened
200ml thickened cream
Teaspoon gelatin (amount of water required to dissolve which is on packet)
2 cups of warm milk
Grahams or biscuits  - can't remember how many small packets I used, but if using other biscuits 1-2 packets depending on size of dish.
100ml cream
200g dark chocolate

square or rectangular deep dish


1.Whip cream cheese on speed 4 in HMP for about 40 seconds
2. Add custard, and cream and mix on speed 4 for a further 30 seconds
3. Dissolve gelatine in required amount of hot water (see package for 400ml guide lines)
4. Add gelatine to mixture and mix on speed 2 for 1 min. Set aside.
5. Soak biscuits in warm milk and lay to cover base of dish
6. Pour cream cheese mixture over biscuit layer - not too much

7. Repeat soaking biscuits/crackers for next layer and poor cream chees mixture until you have several layers - as many can fit in dish without over flowing - don't do this.

8. Put in fridge and make ganache.
9. Over medium heat melt dark chocolate and cream until well combined, set aside to cool ( this can be done in HMP as well)
10. Pour half ganache on the top layer of biscuits spread to coat the layer. Soak last lot of biscuits in milk and layer over ganache.
11. Pour remaining ganache over biscuits and put this in the fridge to set.

I had some left over caramel from my caramel apples so I added this to the slice, however, I don't recommend this. Once the caramel sets in the fridge, it is hard to dish up. It looks good, but not so practical. If you made a caramel sauce that is not cooked as long that would be better.

I don't have any final pictures because it was eaten so quickly;) My family gave it the thumbs up. Personally, next time I might add a little more gelatin, so its a little firmer, but most of my family were happy with the consistency.  It is a good invention if I do say so myself. I might make a caramel one next time!

PS. If you think of a better name share it in the comments!

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