Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas: Choc Marshmallow Pops

Move over cake pops - they are so yesterday!! For something a little different, super easy to assemble and, drop dead delicious get ready for choc marshmallow pops. There is so much you can do with these morsels and did I say they were easy to assemble? All you need are your favourite eating marshmallows - which for my are of course Pascall;-). You will also need good quality chocolate that melts easily but tastes sensational once set. I prefer Cadbury buttons for dark or milk, however, if I am using white chocolate I prefer and recommend Nestle Plaistowe. It melts the best for a white chocolate. 

The other good thing about these pops is the decoration is only limited to you. There is so much you can add to the chocolate once the marshmallows have been dipped. You can roll it in:

shredded coconut
crushed toffee
popping candy
crushed candy canes for Christmas
Other mixed up chocolate bars
crushed nuts
Cotton candy/Fairy Floss (or Persian floss, but serve immediately)
rice bubbles
or a mix up of all of the above!!

You could also dip the marshmallows in caramel allow to harden a little then double dip in melted chocolate. You can also dip half in milk chocolate then the other half could be white or coloured chocolate.

 For the pops in this picture I used 3 marshmallows, but in the past I have used both one and two marshmallows. Hope this provides some inspiration for you:)

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