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The Bachelor Season 3 Episode 12 Recap and #BachieTreat

Episode 12

You might recall on one of the previous episodes where Bachie took Sarah to taste some wine near "his" boat house. I wondered back then if he had a boat, and this episode cleared it all up for me. It's not a boat per say, coz he's not that rich yet. It's a kayak. He keeps his kayak in the boat house, of course!

Thanks to the awesomeness that is Osher we get to spend another episode getting to know the real on-screen Rachel aka Tinkerbell. She is an odd character to put it nicely. She isn't much of a people person in fact, she be like...

She has made it perfectly clear that she is not on this show to make friends with the BachieGirls. Not only has she spelled that out to us, the viewers, and her BachieGirlfriends but if anyone missed her verbal release her icy cold body language and facial cues seal the deal. Her main reason for being on the show, I think is to get her man, I think.  I'm not too sure about this because she doesn't even seem too interested in Bachie either. I think she was all hoping for Bachie to fall all over her, and when he didn't she spaced out, like literally.  At their first meeting if it went a little bit like this,

then we would think, because this happened in a movie, there could be an actual chance between Bachie and Tinkerbell, but it didn't so it didn't.

Group Date
Bachie was super generous this week and invited the harem to this date. They are taken by #NISSANS to an "arty district" where a trendy warehouse art gallery place thingy, with awesome big doors awaits them. Bachie likes "culcha" and he wants to share this with his BachieGirls. It is here they are paired up to create a clay 'sculpcha' of Bachie. As bad luck would have it, Sarah was standing next to Tinkerbell, and she be thinking..

But she was a good sport and they created their 'sculpcha' of a shirtless Bachie laying on the pashing couch, which according to Tinkerbell, was the main feature in her mind!? What evs! Then the BachieGirls had to draw a charcoal portrait of Bachie, though the face wasn't included in this art piece, it was more the shirtless form. Bachie was also wearing 'Calvin Klein' undies but seriously, you aren't a real man unless you are wearing 'Ellen' undies so he gets another strike from me! The BachieGirl who draws a creation that reaches Bachie's inner heart full of "culcha" wins some alone time. Lucky for Bachie, as he had no idea whose picture belonged to who, chose Parmie's art work. He chose it because he liked how the picture shows Bachie how he sees himself. Which means a well proportioned chiseled male form, he is so modest.  I have to add though her picture was pretty darn good.

There was also a bit of time for Bachie to have some catch up time with Tinkerbell and get to know her better. This is where the brothers and sisters of Australia be like..

It is clear to us that Bachie was nor impressed with his stretch of alone and fascinatingly uncomfortable discourse with Tinkerbell, but I think she was a bit like....

After that uncomfortable encounter we are taken to Parmie and Bachie's  alone time date and it's during this cuddly together time that Bachie asks the big question. Will Parmie move to Melbourne to be with her man? She shocked the sisterhood of Australia by saying she would. Bachie be like,

 I think he was hoping she would be resistant to moving, and thus making his decision making easier. But Bachie, you naive child you. You are talking to women and things are never going to be straight forward and easy.

Single Date
Sarah scores yet another single date with Bachie. Nina is not so happy and neither are the intruders. I could explain what happens on this date but unfortunately....

Cocktail Party
Sarah gets back from her single date with a rose and all the Original BachieGirls give her high fives and are so happy for her which makes the intruder Bachie girls fume! Llama is all like, " Nobody gave me a high five when I got my red rose", but Nina be like...

The hate hate relationship is brewing between Nina and Tinkerbell too and I am thinking they both might be like...

As much as we love the quirkiness of Tinkerbell's personality we are all feeling squeamish over the general feel for this cocktail party. At this point it is clear the BachieGirls aren't consuming enough alcoholic beverages so enter our favourite non-Bachie....

Osher lays down the mathematical laws of the game that only he knows how to explain so the whole of Australia is on the same page, a BachieGirl must go home today.  As we realise that our lone crazy sister is standing solo the whole of Australia I do believe sung in unison when Tinkerbell was not given a rose...

But because she is a food blogger and I think there is a hidden side to our Tinkerbell, I am sure all will be well with our dear friend and she will be blogging away soon about....

It is at this point that I have to ask myself some tough questions. Am I taking this show too seriously? Should I be folding the 14 loads of laundry that are piling up, should I be cleaning the sticky kitchen floor that is catching more than just dog hair now and....

PS. #BachieTreat tonight was Butterscotch and Gingabread ice cream.

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