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Recap The Bachelorette Australia Episode 5 and BachietteTreat

Episode 5 

Well Channel10 have been working over time with drilling us with advertisements about how this  week its going to be a "Double Date Disaster". So much effort was put into this campaign, that unfortunately for them, my expectations were high. Am I disappointed? All I can say is..

Not only am I disappointed you Channel10, but this date was really, more than anything else...

Davey and Tony were sent on the date to prove their compatibility with BachieQueen. Tony was keen on proving that because he is older, his maturity levels are higher because he knows what he wants, but unfortunately he has no idea what a soulmate is. Quite frankly Tony,

Better get back to the drawing board Tones and fine tune your soul mate definition and quick response skills! All this being said, even though Davey scored the rose it wasn't like he was the better person on the date. Even though he knew what a soul mate was, he still acts like he is playing on a game show rather than winning the heart of BachieQueen and I can't help but think this about Davey each time I see him...

In my last post I thought Davey would make the final two but I am starting to think he won't make it another rose ceremony. No argument he is a fun guy to be around but BachieQueen would have to be prepared to 'mother' him a couple years to wring out the child in him. It seems like Davey's dad's advice is fading in Davey's memory.

Group Date

As BachieQueen wants to be a mother in the near future, she has put her remaining Bachies to the test by having them host a kid's party. Each Bachie has to create a party game that will win the thumbs up from 30 kids and whoever wins over BachieQueen will score dinner time with her. Richie doesn't hesitate and is on top of this straight away...

Richie did a great job and really enjoyed himself and seems to have the kids eating out of his hand. Most of the guys work out what will make the kids happy and do a reasonable job at it,  but poor Dave the Plumber struggles. Something in his brain tells him to create a game where he is the shark and the kids have to run to different posts and try not to be eaten/caught by him..

Poor Dave the Plumber had no clue and as a result the kiddies didn't like his game and in true kiddie fashion Dave the Plumber chucked a tantie and walked off!!

My money was on Richie for the dinner date with BachieQueen. However, I'm not really sure how, but Micheal (the pro soccer player) won BachieQueen's heart and scored the single date. This is how I felt about Micheal on this episode..

BachieQueen made him dinner of ham and cheese toasties which she happened to burn. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I will! Michael is #disgenuine. He is too agreeable, and trying too hard to be a 'nice' guy that it just reeks of, for lack of a better word, 'disgenuuity".

I'm not saying he is a bad guy, I am just saying he knows he is on "TV" and he is playing, pro soccer style, up to the cameras. Anyway, BachieQueen pashes Micheal and gives him a rose and I'm all like...

The man wears a lady cardigan for crying out loud!!! My daughter has one that looks the same!!

Rose Ceremony 

So Davey and Micheal are safe this round, but I am all like. I can't do my math and have no idea what is going to happen and I'm all like..

Then a familiar voice calms my troubled mind....

Osher in da house! Whoop whoop!! With #Osher, my Captian Obvious, my host with the most and all his divine mathematical knowledge which he so selflessly and generously shares week after week. I know all will be well when he shares that it's one Bachie who will be departing this fine evening. All is well in the world again and its time to say farewell to Kayne but I feel he is like..


I don't usually eat dairy, but when I do, it has to be worth it. Tonight I inhaled one of of these and they are my new favourite, Streets Magnum needs to take notes!

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