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The Bachelorette Australia Ep 3 & 4

Episode 3

If you are on #teamsasha then you would be happy with the single date in this episode. Though it was corny and set up for the two to have more intimate first date moments than is usually expected. The outcome, regardless of how delayed it was, was achieved. No doubt both Sash and BachieQueen are happy, well at least they seem to be at that point in the show. Though for us viewers, it does seem like Sasha has it in the bag. I am wondering though, Sasha was whispering something to BachieQueen when she was pinning the rose to his shirt. Does anyone know or are amazing lip readers and can tell me what he was whispering? It was a little weird and awkward, but I am curious to know what it was regardless of how mawkish it was!!  I still can't work out who else in this bag of mixed nuts could work with BachieQueen as well as Sasha does. A concern I do hold for Sasha, is he has to keep his cool while BachieQueen spends time and pashes the other suitors. Will he keep it together or will he find it difficult and let the jealousy get the better of him?

While there was no kiss to steam up the screens on the single date, Sasha managed to get over the first date jitters and at the cocktail party was whisked away by BachieQueen to a private area of the mansion. It was certain that a kiss was to follow, however poor Sasha was struggling to find his moment. It was at this point that was I truly worried for him. Was he a good kisser? Why would he delay his pash, was his kisses of the past like this...

or like this perhaps?

Thankfully, Sash managed to ask for permission which it was granted and the kiss was nothing like the above possibilities, though there was a moment there where it could have been like the second one!!! ;)

The only other suitor I am considering a good runner up at this point in the game is Sandragon's little bro Davey. Though he hasn't really been able to be himself since he messed things up in Episode 1. He is trying a little too hard at this point in the show, and I hope he manages to shed this awkward skin he has created to protect himself and reveal the 'real' Davey, and not act like a d-i-c-k like his father told him not to!!

Hang on though, don't let me forget there is one more that could sweep BachieQueen off her feet..

Rose Ceremony 

Luckily I couldn't tell if BachieQueen's hair was shorter this episode, but none the less it became awfully clear that OwlMan has fallen too deeply too quickly and BachieQueen being the nice girl that she is released him back into the world to meet up with his Owl friends.

Episode 4

Single date this week goes to #SirAlex. I am not quite sure what it is, but SirAlex seems to act and dress a little above his age bracket. Maybe he really thinks that the maturity card will win BachieQueen's heart. Well it kind of worked because BachieQueen keeps referring to him as being totes mature. Those grandpa jumpers are working their charm! However this is all that comes to mind for now...

Despite what I think though, BachieQueen gives #SirAlex a rose and he lives another week to share more of his grandpa wardrobe!!

Group Date

Those that scored the group date get to play dodge ball at #FlipOut. This is a good way to bring out the competitive male ego for sure! It quickly becomes real when Richie and Davey are chosen as team captains and Richie choose his, let's just call it like it is shall we? The dorks. While Davey chooses his preferred mates and considers  his team, the 'Not Dorks' and pretty much should smash 'The Dorks'!!  It is at this point however that Will gets to reveal is oddly manly physique which is out of proportion to the rest of his overall and bandana clad body. Someone along the way has encouraged Will to work out so that Bachie Queen will add that onto the list of his endearing qualities so he can remain in the BachieMansion one more rose ceremony. I do have to add here though that Will is all sorts of oddness but in an endearing way. I am not sure there are many men out there who can sport not just a pair of denim overalls, a cardigan, and a bandanna in the one outfit and be serious. Who wears bandanas like that these days?

Oh, ok then!

As it worked out "The Dorks" happened to win the dodge ball game and scored alone time in a Turkish Bath, which was unfortunately completely full of awkwardness. This mini group date really should have been a single with Richie, which eventually was towards the end, but we had to watch men applying special mud on each other and Bachie Queen exfoliating Will with an oven mitt to get there!!

Cocktail Party

The unofficial theme for this party became who could give BachieQueen the dopest present? Since they have known each other for like ages and ages in teenage years, they are now up to gift giving in order to win her affections. That being said, I'm not biased or anything, Sasha's gift however cheesy  it may seem was the nicest of the evening, compared to the others.

Enter our favourite non-bachie, like ever, who informs the Bachies that 2 dudes will be going home tonight..

There are no prizes for the most obvious picks tonight. Will who smiles like he is the Joker with no make up was sent home and a nice looking fella with blond hair leaves too! My hat goes off to Will, while he is not BachieQueen's cup of red wine, we got to know him and discover that while he is an oddball, he is a nice guy. The other guy who left, I have no idea who he is and what he stands for so good on you Will!

PS. How many men do you know who drink tea at male gatherings??

PPS. No Bachiette Treat this week, I was camping when the shows aired and I have just watched them on TenPlay.

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