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The Bachelorette Australia Recap Episode 7

Episode 7

This is the most gripping of the episodes thus far, no seriously it is! Tonight we find out who is going to be taking BachieQueen home to their hometowns so she can be verbally grilled by family and friends but before we get to that exciting stuff we find out there is going to be one last single date. All the boys are desperately praying for that spot. I can't quite work out everyone's thoughts but Soccer Mikey's was just a little louder than the others...

Unfortunately, he let himself down. Perhaps the guilts are getting to him about not revealing his true profession? Sasha was the one who scored this date,  yay #teamsasha ( I am a little sad)! The rest were kind hearted and congratulated him. Though no doubt, in their minds a different story is told...

Before we get to the single date, where we will find out if their feelings are still burning with passion as we hope they are. There is a group date to be had.

Group Date

The fellas are informed they must make the dinner for their BachieQueen. Each Bachie puts their dibs on the course they want to make. As obliging as Richie is...

 ..he had to google what canapés were, he's from Perth right?

I am very confident, that when BachieQueen organised this soirée she didn't care too much if the boys understood what a canapé was or if they knew any foreign language to better describe chicken or any meal for that matter. All she was really hoping for was...

It seems that whoever cooked what, BachieQueen was just happy they did and equally surprised that men actually possess the talents to be able to cook in the first place! Was it not too many episodes ago BachieQueen that you admitted to be a bad cook and burnt the cheese toastie?

The dinner party seemed to be going fine until we notice Dave the Plumber recluse. No one is paying him attention, poor little boo boo! Seriously Dave, you are becoming a wet blanket and we kinda don't want you on the show anymore. You don't have fun hanging out with kids, you don't pash on camera, and if you aren't centre of attention at a dinner party you act like a shy child on their first day of school! Boo hoo, have a cry and get over it!

But Dave was not the only wet blanket in the room. They decide to play a dinner party game, which isn't really a game but it will do. BachieQueen picks a card with a statement written on it about one of the Bachies and she has to guess who it belongs to. Kind of how #BacheloretteAU do on their Instagram page with the Bachie's belongings and baby photos, so we know who helped them out with this one!! All seems fun and moving smoothly until Disgeunine Mikey pulls the mood down and claims his worst fear is to not finding his true love...

Yes, that is pretty much the effect you have on me, almost every single show Mikey!

Single Date

Sasha and BachieQueen have to paint an overly large (me thinks this decision was later regretted) blank canvas for a charity auction. Sasha enjoys art, so she seemed it fitting to chose him to go on this date, and also the fact that she pretty much is head over heels for him and can't wait to pash him all day!!

The painting was, well I think we can say the painting wasn't the most important event of the date. They just wanted to be with each other and so the painting can best be described as...

Rose Ceremony

David the douche international model was the first David to be dumped. Then there were two Davids. Davey the childish man was second to go. The Davids were looking worried, could Dave the Plumber represent and bring home the engagement ring? Nup! David is not a good name to have on this show, even strength in numbers can't hold you together! Davids are now extinct in the House of Bachies. Farewell Dave the Plumber, we hope you find the strength to deal with your feels and emotions and find a lady who can deal with them too!


Tonight's treat was more dinnerish. I made taco bread by hand and while it isn't very time consuming,  I started it later than I should have so dinner was right as Bachelorette started.  This is pork fillet tacos with guacamole, homemade salsa or pica di gallo, and lettuce n cabbage. So delicious!

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