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Mexican Fiesta, Ole!!

 I recently watch a Food Planet documentary on Mexico and watched the vanilla episode of Spice Trail(Kate Humble)series on SBS, which helped me fall further in love with Mexico. Now I want to visit one day to experience the flavours and smells I swear I almost sensed via my TV screen. Portrayed correctly, its an amazing place full of history and exotic flavours that I can't wait to absorb and devour one day. Until then, I have to make do with what I can re-create in my own kitchen. A couple of weeks ago I pitched an idea to The Soup team to host an authentic Mexican dinner party to help promote the amazing new Delicious Simply the Best Cookbook by Valli Little. I was ecstatic when they chose me, because  now I have an excuse to make the recipes that have been tempting my senses for so long.

As fate would have it though, dates and times clashed not only with my calendar but the calendars of my friends, so my Mexican extravaganza was no longer the larger than life affair that I hoped it would be. None-the-less, the show went with my faithful friends that could make it. With the theme of the night in mind decided on the Chilli for a crowd found on page, 230.

 I must say it is not authentic Mexican more an interpretation with ingredients from different cultures added, so if you like, a 'Multicultural Chilli'. It was a great base for the delicious authentic salsa and guacamole that I made. All I can say people, is lime and coriander or cilantro for our American friends is the perfect ingredient companions that make the relationship of true Mexican guacamole last forever!

I also slow cooked some chicken breasts in lime, cummin, salt, and pepper, garlic,and coriander. I then pulled the meat apart so it looked a little like it had been shredded. This also was used as a base for the toppings.

Mexican Guacamole

Naturally, my HMP came in handy when make the guacamole. All I needed was 1/2 large onion roughly chopped, 3 avocados, 2 limes juiced, 1 large green chilli with seeds removed (can leave seeds in if you prefer) and fresh coriander.

 Add to the HMP on speed 5 for 20 secs. Then add the paddle attachment and whizz again on speed 3 for 10 secs to whip it up. Serve immediately or put in fridge. This really should be one of the last things you make just before serving.

If you don't have an HMP or any Thermal mixer for that matter, use your food processor.

Mexican Salsa

5 tomatoes chopped neatly
bunch coriander chopped roughly
2 medium onions chopped finely
1 lime juiced
season with salt and pepper

Add altogether in bowl, mix through and refrigerate until required.

Mexcian Layer dip
I am so in love with this dip. I think the first time I ever tried it was when I was about 14 or 15 at a family gathering. A friend of my mum's had recently returned from trip to the US and ate the dip at a friend's place. She share the recipe with my mum and once I got my hands on it, I made it heaps and heaps over the years. In fact, its a popular request from family members for me to bring to get togethers. The last time I made it though, I felt it was a little bland and I must have forgotten an ingredient. So this time round, I searched far and wide for something just like it, but it a kick or two! I discovered The Pioneer Woman's recipe. While I didn't use all the same ingredients (do I ever?!) I felt that her recipe was the best inspiration. Here is what I did:

1 can  Refried beans
1/4 cup pickeled jalapeno peppers (I used Old Elpaso brand) chopped.
1-2 tablespoons of juice from the jalapeno peppers
1 cup of mexican salsa from above recipe
1-2 cups Guacamole from above recipe - amount depends on dish used, but see photos
Sour Cream
Grated Cheese - try using mexican blend cheese - Kraft does one and you can also get a good one from Costco
Good handful of coriander (cilantro)
1 tsp ground cummin


1. Pour/ scoop out refried  beans into a fry pan on medium heat.
2. Add jalapeno juice and cummin and mix around until combined and smooth and mix through chopped jalapeno peppers.
3.Spoon into pie dish (any shallow dish can be used, but not too big)
4. Layer with cheese
5. Add salsa and then guacamole
6. Finish with sour cream and coriander

Serve with corn chips of choice. Its so delicious and such an easy side.

Dessert: Crio Bru-masu!

I was inspired by the Chocolate-chip tiramasu found on page 196. I don't drink coffee and none of my guests are coffee drinkers either, strange to some I am sure. However we do love our chocolate so I turned to the delectable flavours of the rich and fruity Crio Bru, Vega Real, as my chocolatey drink to soak the savoiardi or ladyfinger biscuits.

After I brewed the Crio Bru in the Hotmix Pro, I added some sugar/stevia so it had a light sweetness to it. I then soaked the biscuits and lined the base of the deep rectangular dish and spread on top the vanilla cream, then the biscuits with chocolate cream on top, then more soaked biscuits and finally vanilla cream with a sprinkling of cocoa powder. The vanilla cream was made with a vanilla pod and a little bit of sugar. The chocolate cream was the same but with a tablespoon of cocoa powder sifted and whipped through the vanilla cream. I could have quite easily mixed mascarpone or ricotta through the cream, but I didn't have any on hand. I have used ricotta in the past.
In hind sight, I think I would have preferred to brew the Crio Bru in full milk rather than water and add milk to it afterward, I think it would have given it a much richer and creamier taste. So keep this in mind if you want to make it and I will do this when I make it next:)

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