Friday, May 4, 2012

HotMix Pro Recipes: Kingston Truffles, perfect for Mother's Day

One of my most favouritist and easiest sweets I like to make that is always a crowd pleaser is Oreo truffles. Everyone loves them and I so wish that I invented them, but alas its a borrowed idea and basically I make them over and over using my favourite cream biscuits, because naturally I unfortunately have many of them!

I particularly enjoy the Arnott's Kingston. This chocolate cream is sandwiched with what can only be described as mini butternut biscuits. Many of us know that butternuts are perfect for a no bake base for cheesecakes and other slices. So why not use them for a truffle?

What you will need:

2 packets Kingstons
125g Philly cream cheese
200g quality chocolate ( I used Cadbury melts)


1. Put Kingstons in HMP with blades on speed 8 for 20 secs.
2. Add cream cheese and mix with blades on speed 5 for 20 secs. Scrape sides and mix a further 15-20 secs or until mixture is smooth and creamy.
3. Leave mixture in bowl if you want and refrigerate for 20 minutes or freezer for about 10mins.
4. Using a spoon roll mixture in balls and put into either mini muffin trays or on baking tray. Put back into fridge or freezer while you melt chocolate.

5. I use mini muffin trays as I find these easy to keep the truffle where I want it and its easy to cover them with chocolate. I use a spoon to drop chocolate over the biscuit balls. Otherwise you can use a skewer and dip balls in chocolate. Refrigerate until set.

Store truffles in a container with a lid in refrigerator for up to 7 days or freeze.

These are easy to make and would make a perfect treat for your mum! Best of all, you can make these truffles with any kind of biscuit, but cream biscuits are best:) Enjoy!

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